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Mar 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
: the iran issue, though, may overshadow any change between israelis and palestinians. iran's supreme leader said iran would destroy haifa and tel aviv if israel attacked their nuclear program. chris mitchell, cbn news. >> coming up, china stands up against forced abortions. how the power of prayer is starting to change hearts and minds. >> wendy: welcome back. this month the chinese health agency released a staggering figure. since 1971, the chinese government has performed 336 million abortions. researchers say that breaks down to 13 million abortions per year, or about 1500 every hour. the high number is largely due to china's policy allowing only one child per family. that policy is often enforced through involuntary abortion. now that policy may be changing. brian lee is executive director of "all girls allowed," a christian ministry aimed at ending china's one-child policy. he told george thomas that the prayers of china's christians are making a difference. >> reporter: is there any chance you think that the government is trying to grapple with this issueling proolz isr
Mar 19, 2013 9:00pm PDT
change officially? >> possibly. it might indicate this is something we might see down the line. >> there have been other folks wondering about what this means with regards to the controversy that has enveloped the church, with regards to sexual abuse. >> i have high hopes. i thought the new pope would be somebody with a managing background. they chose a minister. you sort this out through holy loving, through an example. this might be a way he cleans the house. >> a lot of folks thought the cardinals will select a younger pope. he is 76 years old. only has one lung we are told. does that surprise you? >> it did surprise me. in the conclave and mind of the cardinals. maybe they are preferring a shorter tenure. we might see a shorter rule here. >> women in the church are calling for a greater role for women. do you sense roman catholics will revisit that issue? >> i don't think so. currently all the cardinals in the conclave were clear about the conservative stance. >> justification by faith alone aside how do you look for evangelicals and catholics to work together? >> in a worl
Mar 5, 2013 9:00pm PST
change your life. >> george: 10 years ago, she left with a dark past. ugeni was a drug addict and h.i.v. positive. both had a radical encounter with jesus christ that changed their lives forever. >> i began to search for god. i could see the path that i needed to go on. >> george: the couple's dream? to see their nation of ukraine without orphans. >> if someone told me years ago i would have these many children and to be married in an h.i.v. positive man, i would say it is impossible. but god burst in us something special. >> george: they became the first family in ukraine to adopt a child with h.i.v. not just one, but seven h.i.v. positive children. >> if we want to see a ukraine without orphans, christians have to be a part of the solution. >> george: and christians are answering the call. she joined hundreds of pastors and christian leaders from different parts of the globe in key, for a summit on orphan care. she leads a grassroots movement to care for ukraine's orphans. >> god said he is the father of the fathers. which means he wants every orphan to be in a family. how is go
Mar 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
said, they have no idea who they are dealing with. since he accepted christ and his life changed, he was very committed. it doesn't matter what beatings he goes through. it doesn't matter if they say we're going to kill you. >> wendy: as a wife, what has been the hardest part of this for you? >> the lord has given me grace to go to his presence and get my comfort. but as a mom, every time it is like a stab in my heart when i see them struggling and i can't do anything about it. my son is very -- his character has changed 100% since the arrest. he won't talk as much. he is very reserved. my daughter, she just cries a lot. what does this say? >> it says i miss you, dad. >> and these are your tears? >> yes. >> wendy: nagma admits at first she sunk into dispair. >> i was in extreme depression and anxiety and worried. i could see that where i was almost being broken. i would have had to check myself in. but the lord didn't let me break. i clung to him and i cried out to him, and i said, lord, in phillipians, you promised you will give peace beyond understanding. and he gave me that peace.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4